Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week

Lent is winding down, and this final week is filled with observances of the events leading up to Easter/Pascha.  This will be my second year to celebrate Orthodox Pascha which has coincidentally fallen on the same date as Western Easter both times. There are Orthodox services every day this week, with two services on some days, concluding with an 11:30 pm service on Saturday followed by a great feast. The thought and effort put into the celebration is still so new to me. It makes the evangelical approach looks downright skimpy. We were informed at church last Sunday that Bible Study time on Easter would be cut short and told in writing not to linger; that everyone should be gone within 10 minutes of the completion of the abbreviated study of the resurrection to make room for the next service. Yes, it was bold and underlined. It's assumed that Baptists are more interested in a good parking place than in worship or fellowship. I hope that's not true.

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  1. I am just glad you got to read that "note" last Sunday, since I had the pleasure of it the Sunday before. I remember at my previous church, they actually had high attendance on Easter one year, which I considered nothing short of downright cheating. I am not sure when we became more interested in numbers and parking places and less interested in true remembrance of what this week should mean to every Christian.