Saturday, April 30, 2011

Holy Week and Pascha

The collision of holy week and exam week left little time to write, but after another week to reflect, I'm still not sure how to compile everything. During the Lent season, we saw friends lose their 28 year old son and another family lose a beloved 44 year old wife and mother. Shortly after Easter, we saw friends lose everything they owned in the wake of a swath of tornadoes. It seems a little tacky to write about my experience of temporarily giving up most meat and some desserts. From my dinky loss, there's no comparison to substantial material loss and the incomparable grief that matches the capacity of love that was shared with one who is now gone.  

My Lent meditations on the hymn of St. Andrew focused on the humility that is the natural consequence of even a partial understanding of the power and glory of God.  Maybe an appropriate completion to these Pascha writings is to end with the first words of the canon:

He is for me unto salvation Helper and Protector.
He is my God and I glorify Him, God of my fathers is He and I exalt Him, for He is greatly glorified.
Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me.

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