Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Case Studies 3.0

This is the saga of my evolving blog. I started it as a journal for Lent, then afterwards I used it as a place to store lesson plans for my Bible study class. At the moment, I am in transition. I'm not teaching a class or singing in a choir and I'm in a quandary over what to do with myself on Sunday mornings. So at least for now, this forum will serve as a grasscatcher for my oddball thoughts. I read a hodgepodge of different topics -- a classic jill of all trades and master of none ---- so I suppose the title is still appropriate, but I'm making no plans for any kind of theme. If the Mayans are right, it won't matter anyway, but I'd hate to think the world ended and I wasn't at a good stopping place. If my family doesn't follow my wishes for cremation upon my demise, I hope they at least use my desired  epitaph... "This was the last thing on my list."  It's taken me three tries before I'm comfortable blogging like so many others are able to do --- just saying whatever. I like order and planning. It's the same trait that causes me to clean before I leave town. In case something bad happens before I get back, I don't want the ladies who bring casseroles to see my house a mess. So, this is an experiment in my resolution to be less organized this year. We'll see what happens.


  1. Personally, I think it's a great saga, one that I've enjoyed following! Keep on keepin' on!

  2. You, less organized? I can't wait to see how this turns out----oh yeah, you may turn out just like me. Yikes!!