Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Forgetting to Put on Clothes

In the lyrics of today's reading there is a recurring phrase from St. Andrew, "I lie naked and alone." He uses it to describe feelings of shame for allowing sin to take away the beauty and glory for which God created him. In her commentary, Frederica Mathewes-Green is reminded of the common dream of being naked in a public place. I hate that dream. Sometimes I'm partially dressed, sometimes I'm wearing pajamas, and sometimes I forget to put on anything at all. I've always heard that it reveals feelings of being inadequate or of being an imposter, but there is definitely an element of shame involved when everyone sees the undisputed truth. Georgia humorist Lewis Grizzard explained that if you're "naked" you aren't wearing any clothes and if you're "nekkid" you aren't wearing any clothes and you're up to something. We can kid ourselves and others for a while, but the sooner we admit that God sees the truth about what we're up to, the better.

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  1. Lewis Grizzard and "nekkid", who says there aren't moments of levity in Lent? The relationship between nakedness and Truth is thought provoking going back to Adam and Eve in the garden.